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BC nurses contract legislation


OK, I need to vent a little as I am completely pissed. The cooling off period (in which we weren't allowed to collectively refuse OT or non-nursing duties) is over so the gov't has decided to force us to accept the offer they originally made. Over 96% of the nurses voted against accepting this contract in the first place.

What the hell is wrong with them? Over 5000 nurses have threatened to resign if they did this, and I am one that is serious about it. The wage offered isn't terrible, but the concessions are just not acceptable to me. Eliminating designated days off for part timers (so they can work us like we're full time, just not give us any benefits or OT), and changing the call in of casuals so that it's no longer based on seniority is just ridiculous.

I am not willing to continue to be devalued. I was so insilted that the Premier thinks the only other job I could get would be fast food. Like my university degree and experience have prepared me for nothing more. F$$K him. I am so sick of people who have no idea what I do telling me that I am not worth any more than what the gov't is offering. That is not the best I can do and I am not willing to settle for it.

So.... what State should I move to? I am thinking about California or Arizona....

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