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BC NP Schools


I am looking at applying to the 3 NP schools (UBC, UNBC, UVIC) in BC this upcoming year (applications open in December) for Sept 2019 intake. Hoping to get any advice or information from anyone who knows anything about the competitiveness of any of those schools, their experience, etc.

A little about myself:

I did a BSc in Kinesiology from SFU graduated in 2014.

Did my BSN from UBC (Vancouver), graduated in April 2017.

Preceptored and started working FT immediately after graduation in ER. I am currently also doing the BCIT ER specialty course, will be done in mid july.

At time of application I will be at aprx 1.5 years FT work, time of entry (if I did get in), I would be at 2 years FT work in ER.

Just wondering if anyone has advice, what they found helpful, tips, etc. I am planning to work in rural BC as NP as well if that helps. Thanks everyone!!

Hello!! I noticed you were accepted to the UBC MN-NP program, and was wondering if you knew roughly how many students they accept per intake? :)