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Baylor Nursing School - Fall 2010

I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has been accepted, or waiting to hear from Baylor Nursing School (Louise Herrington) for the Fall of 2010!!

I received my acceptance letter on March 1 but I haven't replied yet to actually attend (the deadline is April 12). I am still waiting to hear from UT Houston.

Here's a little background about me: I went to Baylor as a Pre-Med student beginning Fall 2005 and just graduated in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience with minors in Chemistry and German. I took the MCAT, didn't do as well as I wanted, applied to Medical School and did not even get an interview.. oh well. So I decided on Nursing School instead. I am completing my pre-reqs at the University of Houston right now and will be done in May.

I am from Houston and have lived here for 16 years (except for 4 in Waco) and I'm reallllly nervous about the move to Dallas. I've never actually spent any reasonable amount of time in Dallas and know nothing about the city. Is anyone else in this same situation?

Hopefully we can use this board to help each other out.

Also, if anyone is curious as to my GPAs and Scores, here they are:

Baylor Undergrad: 3.19

UofH Undergrad: 3.54

Nursing: 3.72

Science: 3.68

Adjusted Baylor GPA: 3.48

HESIA2: overall: 93.56%

I got in to baylor too. I have a degree in biochem from baylor. I'm not going though because I got in to UT's accelerated program. Its faster and a fourth of the price. For me, it was a no brainer.

Congrats! I also went to Baylor in 05 and graduated with a BS in Biology. I decided a little too late that med school is not where I wanted to be so now I'm switching to nursing. I just got accepted to Baylor Nursing in the Fall too. I mailed in my confirmation the other day even though I'm still waiting to hear back from UTA.

I currently live in Plano so Dallas is just right down the street! Don't be nervous about the move, it'll be like moving to Waco but more fun. :) So did you end up sending in your confirmation?

I am transferring from Texas Tech and will be attending Baylor SON this Fall 2010! I am wanting to stay in the Ambrose apartments and looking for a roommate! If your interested let me know. Here is my info:

Texas Tech University Pre-req: 3.89

Science GPA: 4.0

HESIA2: overall: 92.75%


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