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Baylor Losing Paperwork

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I've applied to Baylor's CRNA program, among others, and have been very upset with its paperwork management. I called their contact in the office of admissions, to ask her if Baylor had received all of my paperwork. She told me that she didn't not have either my GRE scores or my transcripts, even though I had taken the GRE in Oct 2007, and had sent my transcripts over 6 months ago!

I know that this is also happening to one of my friends and fellow applicants. We've both been very frustrated with their lack of concern. Is there anyone else who's applied to Baylor that's had trouble with this or any of their paperwork. I'd like to know if this is an isolated incident or not. Thanks.

ghillbert, MSN, NP

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I'd make sure you send anything trackable mail, or UPS in future so you have proof of delivery.


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I'd make sure you send anything trackable mail, or UPS in future so you have proof of delivery.

Doing this might make you feel better, but the problem will still be put upon the applicant's shoulders to resolve. Proof of delivery doesn't make the papers show up.

The GRE should be sent electronically, so I don't see how this could be misplaced per se. It's great that you sent your application so early; however, it probably would've made sense to check on the status earlier so you had more time to fix the problems. I've dumped one of my potential schools due to their poor communication and condescending tone over the phone. Don't be afraid to do the same if you believe it's an indicator of the school's quality (I admittedly know nothing about the program you mention).

ghillbert, MSN, NP

Specializes in CTICU. Has 20 years experience.

True, I was more thinking that if someone signed for it you would know where to track it down.

Just FYI: I don't believe Baylor's office of admissions is run by the CRNA program. It is a department that services the various programs, including the Department of Allied Health (which includes the CRNA program) and the medical school.

Office paperwork mix-ups are a headache, but don't dismiss a program on that detail alone. Do real research about the program. Baylor is one of the top CRNA schools in the country. It's faculty are well known around the state and the nation (the director is the president elect of the AANA). Just being invited to interview there is something to be proud of.

I kind of had trouble with them, but I sent stuff the day before the hurricane hit. OOOPS! they were really nice about looking at my file and tellig me what I was missing. Being the paranoid uptight person that I am, I e-mailed after I was pretty sure everything should be received and they responded with a list of what they had and even clarified a couple of things to make sure they hadn't missed anything.

Oh yeah. . . I GOT AN INTERVIEW!!! I'm a wee bit excited! I'm sure AFTER the interview I'll be a quivering heap of inferiority, but for now I'm excited.

Good luck to everyone!:typing

Thanks everyone for the comments and advice. Baylor did end up calling me on the last day that everything was due to tell me they had everything. Had me sweating for a while:P

But anyway, they got all my stuff, and I did end up getting an interview, so all is well now^_^

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