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I'm currently an LPN with a small, family-owned home health care company which I absolutely loved when I started there last year. However, there have been several unresolved issues (mostly to do with the lack of benefits & low patient census) which are forcing me to look for work elsewhere.

I LOVE the flexibility of home health care & I would love to stay in this area of nursing. I just applied to Bayada. I've heard you get to choose your own schedule, but that sounds too good to be true. Just how flexible IS Bayada? Right now I work Mon.-Fri. day shift:up:, and 1 weekend a month, and occasional on-call. It's not set in stone... just have to roll with it.

I'm looking for a company that's more professional, reliable and consistent, so if any Bayada nurses could answer my questions, that'd be great.

1. How many patients do you need to see in a day to make 8 hours? (currently for me, it's 6)

2. Do you get reimbursed for gas mileage?

3. Do they give you a computer to do your charting at home?

4. Is it mostly nights/weekends that are available, or is there any day shift?

5. How soon in advance do you know your schedule? (I only find out the night before!:down:)

Honest feedback is appreciated, THANKS!!! :nurse:

I can't answer those but I can tell you I applied w/them. I didn't go to the interview (I did cancel) when I realized it was strictly ped patients. What I found interesting was they wanted to hire me even though I have NO experience in peds other than in school. That made me uncomfortable given a lot of these kids are on home vents.

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I am currently well into orientation with Bayada and my initial impression is that it will be a very good experience.

1. Patients per day = 6, unless you are doing a SOC which in that case it would be 5 (assuming you are full time).

2 You will probably get reimbursed for mileage. In some instances you might not (perhaps per diem positions).

3. Bayada is currently "rolling out" it's computized charting. Many offices do not have it yet though.

4. At my office schedules are set the Thursday before the next work week (no later than Friday). And confimed daily.

Hope this helps.

Remember Bayada has both Home Health visit offices and in home nursing care for peds and vent patients. They are two separate home health practices. That being said, the "visit" side encourages full time employees to see apx 6 patients/points a day. As with any home health agency, your schedule can change, but you plan out your visits and turn in your schedule the Thursday prior to your work week.

Bayada is a major HH agency that maintains a small company feel. In other words, you feel important, your voice can be heard...etc.

Good luck...hope this helps.

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i just started with bayada last month. they are very good about scheduling. i just tell them the days and hours that i am available. i am only on one case right now but you can pick up more cases if you need more hours. they will try to find you a case that will fit your schedule. i work now with one client 2-3 days a week during the evening. they will train you in the trach/vent too and i hear that you get more than plenty hours doing that. charting is done at the clients home on paper. they also do stat pay which is more money but you have to always be on call. but they are very good with pay too, you can decline a case or ask for more money for the case if you feel its too low. if you arent comfortable in a case they dont give you a hard time, they will just look for a new case for you. i hope this helped a little.

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