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Hey everyone,

I apologize if this question is old news but I gotta ask for some help here. I have been doing pre-reqs since fall 2006 mostly part time at CC for their nursing program while working a full time job during the day. Last fall I started going to CC just about full time so I could get these pre-reqs done while working part time. My goal is RN--figured CC Associates was the only way to go. Well, here I am about to start another fall semester and I know the programs in the Bay Area are so impacted that I'm facing the facts that even if I get all my pre-erqs done by next fall, it is still likely I could be waiting another year or two before I even get into a nursing program. I'm wondering if I should consider stopping what I'm doing and start a LPN program instead? Is that REALLY a more streamlined way of doing things? I guess I could work as LPN for a while first then go back for RN...

I am married and we can sustain on his income (barely) so I feel like I need some answers as to how long this is REALLY going to take. I know everyone's circumstance are different, but is there anyone that has experience with this mess of a question?

:uhoh3: Oi Vay, I'm feeling so overwhelmed.

Thank you for any input you can provide, I'm bumming out right 'bout now. :o


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It depends on what your long term goal is. From what I understand It is nearly impossible to get nursing jobs in your area. California is saturated with new grad and many can't find jobs. It took me forever to get my RN. I went the LPN route and completed the program in 1 yr. I immediatly enrolled in Excelsior College and got my RN in 1 yr. I think you should try to get your RN if you can. If you know the wait will be long, then I think you should consider the LPN program if it doesn't cost alot. I would not do a LPN program if it cost 15-30k to complete.

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