Bay Area ADN/BSN programs Fall 2017


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get some opinions and thoughts from current RNs and nursing students that have had similar experiences. I have started applying to schools for Fall 2017 in the Bay Area. Before I took my TEAS, I had my heart set on USF because they don't require a TEAS (I was terrified of the TEAS) and they are right across the bridge. I put my application in for spring semester. However, I took the TEAS a week or so ago and did alright (80.7%). Now I am elligible to apply to pretty much any program now. I am wondering, if I get an acceptance letter from USF forthe Spring semeter should I go or should I wait it out to hear from other programs and reapply to USF for Fall just in case? I had my heart set on USF but I've attended a few info sessions at other programs and the price difference is HUGE! I would of course like to keep it affordable as I am a financially independent student. But then again, I hear stories about difficulty getting accepted, and sometimes people tell me I should go wherever takes me first.

My prereq grades aren't too bad:

4.0 in non-nursing prereqs (Soc, psych, english, etc)

B in Bio, B in Anatomy, Projected A in Physio, Projected A or B in Micro, B in Lifespan Psych

TEAS: 80.7%

Currently already holding an AA (some schools give extra points)

Need to work/financial aid qualified student

Schools I am applying to:

Chabot ADN

Ohlone ADN

Merrit ADN

Los Medanos ADN

East Bay BSN

Stanislaus BSN


Any advice, experience or input is much appreciated!:laugh: