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Hello! I was wondering, what's the basic format for a nursing application like? I know it's kind of hard to view a sample without actually registering, but I was hoping someone could offer some information.

Is it the basic: 1. Put in your basic name, age, etc. 2. Put in your courses 3. Write a few essays

Or do they generally look for activies, work experience, volunteer experience, etc. as well? I am wondering because a poster in a previous thread wrote that there is no room to write this kind of information anywhere on the application.

I am applying for the Accelerated BSN/MSN, so I was also wondering how the application differs than a 'regular' BSN/MSN application ?

Lastly, I am confused about the HESI exam. Since I am applying for the *Accelerated* BSN//MSN program, would I need to take either the TEAS or HESI, or are these exams only for those who apply for the 'regular' 4 year BSN programs? Which tests would I need to take (besides the GRE for MSN programs, which ones would I need if I were to only apply to the accelerated BSN programs)? Also, I have done internet research on this, but it's made me even more confused lol.

Thank you!

It depends on the school really. My school does not ask for essays. Just basic info, and if you completed the pre-reqs needed to apply. Doesn't ask for work experience either.

As for which test you have to take, again, that is up to the school. You will have to contact the school/schools you are interested in to find out which test to take and IF you should take it. My school requires that you submit transcripts first and they evaluate them to see if your GPA is up to par and then they will schedule you to take the TEASV.

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I just got accepted into an Accelerated BSN program and can tell you what types of questions were asked on the application:

1) Basic info-age, citizenship, etc.

2) Academic history

3) Work history

4) An Essay-no specific topic was given

5) Required 3 professional recommendations

Straight forward info. I kept my essay to 2 pages. They read tons of essays and didn't want mine long and drawn-out. My recommendaters consisted of: a college professor, a previous supervisor, and a Nurse Practitioner Advisor

We didn't need to take HESI, TEAS V or other type of testing. Just needed at least a 3.0 GPA from your previous degree.

3) Work history

What if you haven't had that many jobs? Could you list volunteer experiences under work history?

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I only put down one company. I've worked for that company for 4.5 years, before and after graduation. I just put down my title changes through the years of working there. It was to show how I progressed professionally within that company.

I also put down shelters/community volunteer work I did. So include that.

When I first went to their information session last year, there were quite a few expected grads who wanted to go straight into the ABSN program. Some may not have a lot of work history as well, since they were full time students. Don't worry to much about it since other factors determine your acceptance.

Look at the ABSN/MSN programs you're interested in and go to their website. Most of these colleges posts their applications online. That would have saved you the time in posting the question.


^Okay, thanks!

Most of these colleges posts their applications online.

I did check out some schools' websites (or at least the ones that interested me/were applicable to me), but I needed to register beforehand (in the sense of putting information). I couldn't really access the application freely. It's confusing for me since some schools' websites don't really differentiate between BSN and A-BSN as well.

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It's confusing for me since some schools' websites don't really differentiate between BSN and A-BSN as well.

Not every college will say "Accelerated". When I first did my search, some said "Fast-track", others said "Second degree". I found one that only offered MSN degrees to non nurses. They didn't have BSNs for non nurses, they only offered it to RN's with an ASN. Anyhow I got the gist of every program I looked at and narrowed it down to one school, which happens to be a University hospital (like John Hopkins), where clinicals are done right there.

When do you plan to apply?

^Thanks for your reply! I plan to apply next Fall (or maybe the year after that depending on pre-reqs). I am just preparing ahead of time by asking a lot of questions lol. Thanks again!

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