Bariatric Surgery

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Just posted this on the GE board, but need to ask you guys, too...any experience with bariatric surgical patients pre-op and post-op? Any info appreciated.

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Are you asking about post-op care? We do get bariatric patients post-op on my floor. First thing to do is make sure they get a bariatric bed, one that can be made into a chair and help lift patients to a standing position. The bed is important too so that there is less risk of breakage of the bed and having to move the patient. Next is the risk of DVT - make sure that if their legs are too large to wear TED's or SCD's that you suggest foot pumps and wrap their legs (toe to thigh) with ACE bandages. Movement, though it may be difficult, is just as important for these surgical patients. They especially need it for good circulation and increased risk of pressure sores (from bedrest and in skin folds). Next is impecable cleanliness - due to possible coverage of incisions by skin folds leading to increased risk of infection as well as circulatory challenges that may lead to risk of infection also. Good nutrition is very important for the needed calories and nutrients for healing - a nutrition consult may assist. Otherwise excellent post-op care like for other patients.

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