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Bardo receptors and Osmoteceptors


Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this site and need help understanding some content in my physiology class. I want to know exactly how baroreceptors and osmoreceptors affect blood pressure. I've watched several YouTube videos and I'm still lost. What is osmotic pressure and what is oncotic pressure?

please help


Baroreceptors sense changes in arteries, main one being the aorta. Basically they are stretch receptors, and if it senses blood pressure is high, it will try to dilate the arteries by vasodilation. Vice versa for low blood pressure. Osmoreceptors in the hypothalamus senses changes in fluid circulation. If I remember correctly that has a lot to do with fluid and electrolyte homestasis. The hormone vassopressin and aldosterone are used to regulate blood pressure depending on information received from osmoreceptors and the kidneys. Oncotic pressure is simply the pulling back of fluid from the capillary bed back into circulation through big proteins in the blood stream. Feel free to research more, there is definitely a lot more to more to understand about blood pressure regulation that i didn't mention!