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Bar Code Medication Administration Systems (BCMAS)

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I have been contacted by an Instructor (and doctoral candidate) from the American University of Beirut School of Nursing - Professor Marini.

Professor Marini is requesting Nurses' participation in research and data collection about Nurses' satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the use of Bar Code Medication Administration Systems (BCMAS) and the impact BCMA has on patient safety.

This an ideal forum to collect such data and participate in research that could potentially improve patient care and Nursing Practice. The data collection is vendor and institution neutral.

Participants are asked to fill out an on-line survey consisting of 34 questions about satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the use of the BCMA, attitudes towards the use of the BCMAS and the perceived barriers to BCMA.

To participate please click on the link below or copy and paste the link into the Address window of your Browser and hit Go. You will be taken to the on-line survey. Access to the survey will be available until June 30th.

Please only complete the Survey if you have actually administered medications via a Barcode Medication Administration System (BCMAS).

Please DO feel free to pass the link on to any of your colleagues who currently do or have utilized BCMAS


Thank you for your participation!

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