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Baltimore Hospitals


Specializes in Emergency. Has 9 years experience.

Hello MD nurses!! I am curious to know about hospitals in the city of Baltimore. I am still a relatively new nurse with 9 months of ED experience:yeah: and I am looking to moving to the city and would like some info on the hospitals mainly the ED. Any info would be helpful especially on Sinai, Good Sam and the likes... Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me!!!:D


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I know Good Sam pretty well. What do you want to know?



Specializes in Emergency. Has 9 years experience.

Do you have any info about their ED? Also just the general info, good benefits, starting pay, is it self schedule, weekends required? Any info you have would help. Thanks in advance.

Harbor pays pretty well. Better than University of MD. Their ER is one weekend a month. And it is self schedule. Recrutier is awesome. Her Name is AMY FOY.

Harbor is medstar as is Good sam. and union memorial. good luck......

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