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Baldwin Wallace ABSN 2017

I'm currently applying to Baldwin Wallace ABSN for fall 2017 and would like really appreciate some help on what to expect at the interview, how is the program layout, etc.


abcdefghijklacey, BSN, RN

Specializes in Neonatal ICU.


I have been accepted for the class starting in August. I haven't received anything about specific class and clinical schedules yet, but I know it is rigorous and they do not recommend having a job while in school. The interview process is 2-step and if you live far away I believe they are willing to do at least the initial interview over Skype. The people that I interacted with while I was there were all so kind and genuinely love the program and university. I'm excited to start! Have you attended one of their ABSN information sessions? That would probably help answer some of the questions you may have and you will be able to meet some of the advisers and professors. Sorry that I don't know too much just yet, but best of luck to you!

Hi! I was wondering if you guys remembered how the interview went? What types of questions did they ask?

Hello! Does anyone had the second interview for the ABSN program and could tell me what to expect from this interview? I would really appreciate it..


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