Balancing Work and School


Ok, so maybe my last question was a little to specific. So let me try this again. lol

Just looking for suggestions on how you balance out work and school.

How many of you work full-time? Part-time? How to do balance out family, work, and school. I have never taken an online class before, however I have had to submit assignments online. I guess I just want to know is is possible to go to school online, work and still have some sort of life.



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boy do i wish that i had a magic plan for you! it is hard. i found that out while going to school for my bs in him. family support was a large factor for me. i made sure to tell my mom and my husband how much their help and understanding with family responsibilities meant to me. i'm ashamed to say but sometimes my family did suffer because other things had to take priority. school work has deadlines, work has to be done to pay the bills . . . everyone always says take time out to take care of yourself. i don't disagree with that advice but for me the bigger factor was to take time out to take care of and have fun with my family. i would make sure that i scheduled time to play with my daughter. most of the time my homework or study time was after she went to bed. time between classes meant study. one thing that helped me was to make a spot for my study materials at home. i knew i could find my things there, i hung a calendar there to help me keep everything straight. i needed to see it. "project due on monday, soccer at 5 on tuesday . . ." if i was successful on a test then i rewarded my family. they suffered while i studied instead of cooking or cleaning or whatever so they deserved it.

good luck!

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