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Hi everyone,

I am currently a nurse working 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts (not in a row). My husband and I are planning to have kids soon, and I wanted some advice as far as DETAILS regarding other nurses' childcare/schedules. My husband currently works 5 days a week (weekends off ,8am- 6pm) as a dealership photographer and does make less than me. Finances as far as myself switching to part time stresses me out. I really dont have family that would be willing to watch a newborn for 12 hours a day... Maybe once in a while... Childcare is offered across the street from my work, but I know it can be very costly, so I kind of want to leave that as a last resort.

So I really wanted to gain input as far as what is yours and your spouses work schedules? Do you have childcare involved? Do you two have balance finances or does one make more than the other, how do you balance that? I really appreciate it :)

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Work an opposite schedule as him. he works days, you do weekend nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). This is what I've done for the past three years, and it works out well. One of us is almost always home with our child and it is worth the sacrifice. Besides, once you have a baby, weekends have no meaning.

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