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Bad grades first time around eerrr..

Hey! I was just wondering if anyone had a response to my concern...I wanted to get into the direct entry program at simmons college and want to take some pre-reqs there...I took chem in my freshmen year of college but got a C+ so i was wondering if I took the course again and received an A would they hold it against me for taking the course twice? Any response would be awesome :)

An A will make you look more competitive but nothing can erase the C. Only take it over if you know you will do better though.

You didn't mention how long ago your freshman year was. I think if it has been a while you should probably retake it anyway? Especially before taking other science classes likely required. I say go for it and retake it! I have found it doesn't hurt to read up on a subject before the class starts. I looked over Chemistry before I took the class and found my pre-studying helped quite a bit! I learned the symbols of the elements, learned about bonding, acids and bases... and much of that will be review for you since you have taken Chemistry before.

Good Luck!

In my college, if I have c or better I can't repeat the course unless I do credit or no credit. And there is no point doing credit/no credit for pre reqs. I guess it depends on college. But if you are allow and feel you can do better then go for it. Good Luck!

Retake it at another college - e.g. community college. Also most science courses are considered "expired" after 5-10 years (check what the policy is in the program you're applying to) so if you took chem 5+ years ago you would have to take it again anyway if it is a prereq and it is the later grade that would be considered not the 5+ year old one.

Thanks everyone for the input! My freshman year was in 2005, so by the time I will apply for a program the course will be expired so I will have to take it over again. I am glad the first grade won't matter because I had my mind in other things freshman year! I wish everyone the best and thanks for all the luck!:D

I am glad the first grade won't matter because I had my mind in other things freshman year!

The first grade will always matter, it only "expires" insofar as universities make you retake sciences and maths every 5 years.

It will permanently be part of your GPA, it just wont count towards your pre-reqs.

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