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I'm a student at Emory who originally intended to do their Nursing program after two years, but instead decided to go for an ECON degree with the intention of working at the Fed.

Well now, as a rising Senior, I'm pretty darn sure I don't want to do Economics after graduation or go to grad school for it. I was thinking that perhaps I could take an ABSN which would be perfect for me. To that end last semester I took A&P I and II, I've also taken statistics as well as Chem I & II,

The issue lies in that I don't think I can take all the prerequisites for an ABSN before graduation, in part because Emory doesn't offer them all (even ones it requires for its own ABSN :bored: ). Also, and the bigger problem, is that I have 3.27 GPA which I understand could make it impossible for me to achieve entrance to one of these programs.

I've tried talking to people at my school about this but they don't seem to understand or want to understand the path I'm trying to take. Really, I'm just hoping one of you has seen a student in my situation and know what I should be aiming for.

Also, do I need to start applying to other Universities now so that I can apply to their nursing programs in the Spring? Can I apply without all prereqs completed, as I might have to take them individually at other schools that have the?

If I am too anemic a student to apply to ABSN's, then are there two year programs that I could apply to?

Thank you in advance for any wisdom you can share, I truly appreciate it!

Luckily, Atlanta has a lot of options for you. There are several ABSN programs, as you know, but they can be very competitive to get into. You can try calling up some of the programs (emory, kennesaw, georgia state, etc.) and see what they might think your likelihood of getting in is. I have a prior BS from georgia tech, but I decided to pursue a 2 yr degree for my RN for now. Less competitive, less prereqs to get into, and most of all, it's A LOT cheaper. Emory is pricey for sure, but pretty much all ABSN programs are that way. Look into Georgia Perimeter and Gwinnett Tech if you want to stay in the atl area, but there are good programs outside of the city as well. There is no wrong answer here, you just have to pick the path that will work best for you.

Thanks, I don't particularly want to stay in Atl, just GA if possible, what path is realistic with my current GPA and level of completion of prereqs?

The issue is that every school has slightly different prereqs. I would look at the chart of NCLEX pass rates, find the good programs, and look at their prereq list. You can look up old posts on this site to get a feel of how the school is. I will be applying to Chattahoochee Tech and Georgia Perimeter, because they match up well with what my needs are. You'll just have to do a little research and see what might work for you.

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