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Hello Everyone!

I am new to this site. I have been reading threads and posts as a non-member for some time in regard to background issues some of you have had in the past with the BON. Thank you all for sharing your concerns and experiences, it has helped me tremendously. I was denied access into a respiratory care program in Florida in 2010 due to a background check issue. I was devastated. I have been sober for nine years, and my life has changed significantly. I went to college, obtained a 4.0 GPA in all nursing related pre-req's, but despite my performance I was denied access. Fast's 2015, I decided to give it another shot. I Applied to an LPN program and while waiting for acceptance I took a quickie CNA course and submitted my background and fingerprinting to the DOH and BON. I received the news today that it CLEARED!!!!! I CAN BE A NURSE!!!

So, if I am accepted into LPN (which there is a high probability for because I have a 4.0 GPA and an AA degree and the only pre-req is a GED), I have a CNA license to show to clinical rotation sites. At least I am approved in some way.

My question to all you good people is this: What is your experience with criminal history affecting your ability to participate in programs of study, clinical rotations, and eventually employment? I know that there are background screenings for licensure and then there are screenings for employment? Is there a chance for employment with a criminal background (no felonies) even if you have a license to practice?

I have seen others respond to similar questions. "Do something else," was a frequent flyer response. Why do I want to be a nurse? Several very important reasons. I know what it is like to need good competent people who REALLY care and want to help. I have been in the shoes of the sick person in pain, it was affecting my livelihood and my ability to care for my family. Nursing is serious business and people are counting on you, often their lives and families lives are depending on you. I have been kicked to the curb by doctors and nurses I KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE. I am smart and attentive and very compassionate. I am so empathetic I even worry when the girl in the drive-thru who seems to be having a bad day is feeling okay. I will find my self wondering even much later in the day if that person is in need of help or care. It's silly to some, but I have an empathy that I can't turn off no matter how hard I try. I was made for this. It is my dream. I'm a little co-dependent too (ha ha ha) and that comes in handy when you are responsible for the welfare of others. I have been through a LOT in the last nine years, I am tough and resilient and I am perfect for the job.

I am hoping they will let me. It is what I am meant to do.


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Oh and thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and respond. Your comments and opinions are very valuable to me :)