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Does anyone know how in depth the background check is for healthcare? I have a DUI and one thing on my juvenile record. Just want to find out before I get to far into this program only to find out I can't even pass the background check.




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Minnesota is one of the select few that doesn't require background checks when getting your license - that said, they have been known to do them randomly and odds are high that your potential place of employment WILL do a background check. It's just that the BON tends to not do them and take applicants on the honor system.

There's currently a push in the State Congress to change this - I believe they have set aside money to investigate this issue and to decide if the BON needs to do background checks on all applicants. But as it stands now, they do almost 0 checks.

There have been cases where an employer caught someone who lied on their BoN application and reported them to the state, but the BoN tends to do little more than fine the person (presumably if it was something serious enough they'd revoke your license).

However, I don't know where your DUI or juvenile record would sit with the BoN.

Edit: A friend who works as a DON at a LTC facility in MN says that under Statue 148.261: Subsections (6) and (11) (amongst some others), could be grounds to deny you a license. That really it would depend on how long ago these events happened and what steps you've taken to show that they won't happen again.


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Thanks for the information on this balatro. I spoke with a few more people and from the sounds of it, I may not have a chance to continue down this road towards nursing. But I need to dig into this a bit more. Thanks again.