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Background check question

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I'm a new RN student in Knoxville, Tn and have a question about the background check for clinical affiliates to my program. I have a misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana charge thats almost 10 years old. Will clinicals accept me. I'm a licensed Emt-IV in the state, and also served in the Marines honorably after the charge. This was when I was 18 and stupid. I'm very different now at 28. But I'm concerned this will ruin my career asperations. BON says they will probably see no problem since it's old. I'm just worried about clinical rotations. Any advice?

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Was the arrest in Tennessee? If so start working on getting it expunged. It will be to your long term benefit and it sounds like you just made a mistake and then got yourself together.

As far as what clinical sites will say no one really can say. I have seen sites allow people in with greater charges and I have seen sites leave people out with less. Sorry for the wishy washy answer.

That's what I am afraid of...I thought in the state of TN a guilty charge couldn't be expunged...I could be wrong though. I have worked for several hospitals as an ER tech in the area with no issues, so I'm hoping it will be ok...just worries me...and is embarrassing as well.

Also, I never served time or went to jail. Just a ticket, court sentence of probation. I paid my fines within a month and was let off probation. No hand cuffs, finger prints etc. I dont even show up on a federal background check, just private company checks. The Marines didn't even see it even though I told them about it because they check fed records.

I would encourage you to start with a quick google search as the laws in Tennessee changed in 2012.

Then I would advise you consult an attorney about the case and see where you stand. We cant give legal advice here on AN but I would HIGHLY suggest you to look into this.

All the best with your schooling and career.