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Back in the OR

Recently I left the OR to go to an ICU step down for more experience. I want to go back to school to be a CRNA but I'm starting to think I just want to go back to the OR. I really like working in the OR that's why I want to be a CRNA, I want more responsibility. Lately as my off orientation date is coming up I'm starting to get really stressed and I can't stay asleep nights before I go in. I'm starting to think I want to go back to the OR where I liked to work and maybe my original plan just isn't for me. I know the OR would still have a position for me if I really decided I wanted to go back... Any advice?


Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

Give it some time. How long have you been in the new position? I'm leaving the OR but staying PRN it's in my blood. Too much call for my school plans and I also need different experience. Good luck!

I've been there since September... I am also still per diem. I needed different experience too but I'm thinking the OR a where I belong. I'm just so stressed!

Are in the OR in CT? That is where I am!


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