Back breaking work... literally...


I completed an ICU residency and have been an ICU nurse for about 1.5 years. I have a history of back injuries, and hurt myself about 9 months ago and more seriously about 3 months ago (I slipped a disc). I was out of work about 6 weeks, had 2 cortisone shots, and it has been a slow and uncomfortable process getting back to full time with lots of PT, chiropractic, massage care. I am feeling pretty good now, but just keep tweaking it at work. I love a very active lifestyle and have not been able to exercise much for the last 8 months.

So, I would love recommendations on what to do! I enjoy ICU nursing (I was hoping to do some travel nursing before getting out of bedside care), but it is really affecting my lifestyle! I've heard PACU is less labor intensive and a good option to avoid lifting, etc? Any other tips or advice would be wonderful. It's becoming very discouraging...

Oh, I'm 27...


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Lift with ur legs ;)


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PICU, or Peds, Case Management, Informatics, Hospice maybe??


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Sorry to hear! It must be really hard for you because you love what you do, but ICU is really physical and you might end up damaging yourself more. Although I must say, whatever floor I work on I end up lifting a lot :yuck:. I recently saw a job posting for a nurse on craigslist where they stated "must be able to lift 125 lbs." 125 lbs!!!! Seriously??!!!

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At the bedside, NICU would be your best bet.