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Hello everyone,

First of all, I should tell that I'm a international student and I have been studied in Canada's high school for 2 years. As recently, I have applied on Ouac with nursing program at York - collaborative with Seneca and Ryeson. Also, one of my "safety school" choice was computer science at uoft. So with those programs, it is hardly to go through accepted. My school's guidance counsellor have given advice such as applying colleges as well. All of my programs in colleges are BscN at Humber, Seneca and George Brown. I'm getting nervous for that because I haven't receive any offer from them for both universities as well as colleges. I wanna ask did anyone have been received and be accepted for nursing in those schools ?

Here are my grades for courses that I have took :

Chemistry 11: 87%

Biology 11: 78 %

Eng 11: 75%

Advance function: 90%

Calculus & vector : 83 %

Food and nutrition: 80 %

At the moment, I'm taking English, biology and chemistry 12. Also, I haven't take English language requirement such as ielts, toefl yet. I'm gonna do it on March. I need you guys advice for my choice. By the way, I'm so nervous and not confident at all. Thanks a lot, my all friends :)

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It's a bit early. some schools send out letters as late as May.

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