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Hey everyone!

I just graduated nursing school with my ADN in May and found out I passed NCLEX 2 Fridays ago (Horray!!) So, through the grace of god, and a very good connection I have managed to land an interview with a neuro IMU unit. I live in Houston, and this is one of the larger hospitals. I was told by "my person" that they are looking for experienced nurses, but if I impress them, the job could possibly be mine. I really don't want to screw this up, given that I am an ADN not a BSN, and I have been given the opportunity to interview with a major hospital. First of all I have no idea what to expect from a neuro IMU unit! I'm assuming I will be dealing with stroke pt's. Im hoping someone can explain to me a little bit what a neuro IMU unit is. Also, any interview tips/ things to study before the interview would be great. I plan on studying stroke scale/ assessments, stroke pt barriers, neuro and cranial surgery.... anything else or any tips on places to look for this info besides my text book? Thank you all in advance for you help!!!


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If you haven't already, definitely read TheCommuter's interviewing article posted on this thread. Also, I recommend wearing a suit as opposed to trendy professional dress (Dillard's is currently having a sale on their women's suits). Good luck! Let us know how it goes. :)

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