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Are there any schools in New York where you can get both at the same time?


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I think Mercy College offers something like that if you go to or have attended one of their affliated schools. They have a list of schools that they are affiliated with on their website.


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Yes they are considered BSN/MSN, however from what I know admission to these programs are only for registered nurses with an associate's degree in nursing and just people that have a degree in something else. Usually not available for students with no previous college degree.

Mercy college offers an RN-BSN program meaning that people who have a diploma or Associates can earn their bachelor's.


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I know that at NYU they have their BSN program and there is an additional 1 or 2 years after that to get your MSN. It's melded together somehow and I don't think you need to take the GRE. This information was presented to me at one of their sessions. This was back in 2007 though. I would call or email their Nursing department for more details but definitely something worth looking into. Good luck to you :up:


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I think The College of Mount Saint Vincent & Pace University also have accelerated RN to MSN programs.

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