B.S. in Bio, want to get into nursing


I just recently got a B.S. in Bio with dreams of going to med school someday... Anyways, long story short, it is hard to find a good job without any prior internship experience and I have to start paying off my student loans soon. So I just recently got offered a full time permanent position from a temp position, after six months of searching/endless job apps/interviews. I've read about second degree BSN programs/ABSN, but my problem is that I am having a hard time getting into an anatomy course that will work with my work schedule. So my question is... Would it be a reasonable choice to do an evening LVN program, then do a LVN-RN bridge program? I would like to go to school in the Bay Area as well. Will having a B.S. benefit me at all? I've been looking into NCP and Gurnick.


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I have been trying to figure out the same thing. I have a Bachelor's in Gerontology and I am thinking about an LPN. For me, it looks like the LPN makes more sense than the RN. For one, the LPN programs are usually about one year. Then if you decide you love nursing, bridge programs are about another year. That way you can start making money and paying back your loans faster :)

Good luck!


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There are programs out there to obtain your RN in one year, as long as you have a degree. You just have to check out the colleges where you live. Good luck!