awhonn policy for cleaning c-section incisions?


I am trying to find what the policy is for cleaning c-section incisions once the dressing is removed. our orders read to remove dressing and clean. when asked how she preffered it to be cleaned, one of the ob doctors said she didn't care. the other nurses here are getting these pts up to the shower and calling that their way of cleaning the incision. does awhonn say what exactly to do? or does anybody have any input from what their facility does?? much appreciated..thank you!

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We don't have a specific policy at my place. I'm assuming you're talking about staples, right?

Usually our c/s moms are showering by POD#1. All they really need is soap and water, wash gently, pat dry. It's very rare that we see any readmits for incisional infections. Now, I have seen *on occasion* the OBs order Hibiclens or chlorhexidine wash qd for larger ladies with a pannus. But even that is not on a large scale. Most larger women do just fine w/ a daily shower, letting it air out, and putting a sanitary pad over the incision to keep the folds from touching each other. Hope this helps.


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Same as the post before mine. And in the 4hospitals I have worked, it's this way.

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