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AWHONN Fetal Monitoring Courses


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I am looking for an AWHONN Approved Fetal Monitoring Course that is taught by a reputable instructor. My hospital will not recognize Michelle Murray or Lisa Miller because AWHONN has not given their "stamp of approval"....BUT our hospital recently had an AWHONN course and everyone who took it said it was terrible and boring, and that unrealistic scenarios were given for examples. Does anyone know of an AWHONN Approved course that is good?

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Why does it have to be AWHONN approved? I had a manager that was stuck on that for competency validation and if you read the brochures for either presenter, you will find that their course will validate competency. I teach the AWHONN courses and they are not as entertaining as Michelle or Lisa's, but the information is valid. I do agree that their course needs an update and really you can only attend them once and get something out of it. It is a shame that your facility does not think outside the box. Both Michelle Murray and Lisa Miller are outstanding and are leaders in their field.