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I have seen a peripheral IV inserted with the cath tip pointing away from the heart (eg. inserted in the forearm and cath tip pointing to the wrisT). So, unusual, fully-looking. But I looked up the internet for the possible injuries or trauma associated with these...and couldn't fine one. Nothing even talked about this one. If you find one, please let me know. I need a literature where studies have been made re: this.



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Dear Ethel,

I am not sure where you might find specific literature re. the do's and don't of the practice, but I do know that whenever you find that this has occurred you should immedicately discontinue it and place it properly. One reason is that if you place it so that the cannula is not flowing with the blood, you have a turbulant situation as that blood is rushing past the cannula and whipping it around. This roughens the intima and sets up that pt for phlebitis and thrombus formation.



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OOPS! I replied and realized my answer was totally incorrect. :imbar

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