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Hello everyone! My husband and I are looking into relocating and are looking in the south (North Carolina, Tennessee) or maybe west (Colorado, New Mexico). We are actually pretty open but leaning towards warmer areas. Currently we live in Rochester, NY. I have been a nurse for 10 years, 8 in the operating room. I'm looking at average nursing pay around the country and it seems like almost all the southern states pay an average of $10 less than what I'm making here. Cost of living seems to be less but that is still a big cut! Is this true in general? Any one have any experiences of nice/affordable places to live with good pay? Where we live now is pretty affordable and has good pay but we are so tired of the weather! I've never moved as an adult and don't know where to start. I've thought about doing travel nursing in the area we settle on if anyone has any experience with that. Thanks for any help!

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Check out the annual salary survey posts here- a search should bring them up

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