Available for MSN's (w/specialization in Education) to teach online courses in Nursing?

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  1. Should I purse an MSN (spec Educ) with hope that I will be able to teach online nursing??

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I currently have a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and two Masters degrees but neither degree is a Masters of Nursing (MSN). I have been an OR and ER nurse for 25 years and also an adjunct faculty member teaching in MBA and MHA programs. I would like to get away from hands-on nursing and do online teaching in nursing programs thus, have been considering going back to school to obtain an MSN in order to meet my objective of getting out of hospital nursing and augmenting my online teaching to include teaching in Nursing programs (not just Business programs). I completed my research to determine what MSN program I would like to do, but having read the posts above, I am having second thoughts about the prospect of obtaining a job as an online adjunct in nursing programs.

I was very excited about pursuing an MSN but now I am having second thoughts due to the 'anemic' job market for instructors (as noted on an Indeed forum (Not found | Indeed.com. I had no idea there are so many RN (MSN and Doctorate level) instructors looking to do online teaching and not getting scooped up to do so. Is it currently (as of August 2018) as bad as it looks from the posts noted on the above forum over the last 10 years? Can anyone comment as to the CURRENT temperature on this subject?

Should I pursue an MSN (w/specialization in Education) program? Many thanks for giving me advice as to whether or not I should move forward in my endeavor!

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Most online faculty positions require some in-person experience first. If you are looking for full-time work, and hold a doctorate Online College - Western Governors University - WGU might be a good choice. But- just to be clear- all of their faculty positions right now are full-time.

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As you have found, there are lots and lots of people who would like to teach online. So you will be competing for positions with lots of nurses with graduate degrees in nursing and nursing faculty experience. I'm not saying that it will be impossible for you to get an online teaching job -- just saying that you will be facing a lot of competition. You'll need to stand out to be successful in the job market.

As for whether or not you should return to school for an MSN in Nursing Education ... that's another question. Is online teaching the only type of nursing career that interests you? Are there other possible jobs within the nursing education sphere that might interest you as a Plan B? e.g. Nursing Professional Development, face-to-face education? LPN or CNA education? etc.

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