What's autonomy mean to you? And how does it coincide with when and why to call a dr to do your job? Advice, comments, anything is helpful.

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I'm almost done with orientation at anew place and I feel like they rely on calling the dr for every little thing. I came from a tele and I worked nights and only called on things that I felt was urgent. I'm working nights at a rehab now and I feel like they call during the night for every little thing like if they held a Med or if a scan came back even if it's normal. I feel like there is no autonomy in that at all. I feel like if something came back normal we can pass it onto the day nurse or page the doctor in the morning because the night doctors are just covering and don't really know the patient so it would be pointless. And holding a medication because a pt refused or vitals are out of parameters is not urgent (unless the vitals are too out of wack) isn't that just nurse judgement? Can't they just be told in the morning when the primary care is back on the case? Am I wrong? If I am wrong I would like some direction on why I am.