Australian-trained nurse applying with CGFNS and Colorado Board


Hey guys!

Just wondering if any Australian nurses have had recent success with the CGFNS or just generally getting registered in the USA? I am in the process of applying with the CGFNS and am waiting for them to receive my University report to evaluate. I am planning on registering with the Colorado Board of Nursing if all goes well.

My nursing background: I did a Diploma of Nursing at TAFE then did my Bachelor of Nursing at QUT. While in QUT I made sure I did my electives in midwifery and paediatrics as well as clinical placements in each just in case I wanted to move back to the USA (I'm a dual American/Australian citizen). I know that in the past a lot of Australian nurses have had issues with lacking obstetrics and paediatrics in their degrees which is why I tried to include them.

Anyway, any insight or experiences would be very helpful! Thanks in advance :)

Hi Dandydee!

I'm also a dual American/Australian citizen and graduated from QUT in 07, and my daughter also graduated from QUT this year, and were looking to go back to the US (Texas) to live, and I was wondering how you went with your qualification evaluation, I'm also going to use CGFNS. Was it a pain and did you have to do supplemental courses? Finding experiences on QUT graduates gaining a US nursing licence is like a needle in a haystack!!

Thanks!! Sonja


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Hi Sonja,

Hopefully your journey will be smoother than mine! I found the CGFNS an absolute NIGHTMARE to deal with as you can never get a hold of them and they generally don't respond to your emails. I also had a hard time because I did TAFE before QUT so I had to get them both evaluated. But if you've only gone to QUT and only have to deal with them, it might be easier. I didn't have to do supplemental courses as I did my electives in paediatrics and obstetrics (at QUT) which is what Aussie-trained nurses generally lack in. Did you do those as well as related placements? I'll give you some contacts at QUT and CGFNS that can help you out, just send me a PM. I'm going away on holiday early tomorrow morning so I might not get back to you until next week if that's ok!

Thanks and good luck,


Hi Danielle,

I'm unable to send you a PM as allnurses requires a certain amount of posts before you can use PM.

From what I've read most if not all of the credentialing agencies are difficult to work with, so hopefully it will be a smoother process since we don't have the extra evaluation. Unfortunately I did not do any electives on peds or obs, however I vaguely remember doing a placement in maternity haha I wonder if they count that?? How did you find the NCLEX? Are you still in Australia? I'm on the Sunshine Coast at SCUH intensive care. Sorry so many questions! I would really appreciate the contacts at QUT and CGFNS.

Have a great holiday

Thank you!