Australian RN as Psych Tech in California


Hi Everyone. I am an Australian trained RN who is currently living in Australia with my American wife. She is wanting to move back to the US to be closer to her family and we want to settle in California. I know that Australian trained RNs usually have deficiencies in paedatrics and obstetrics and often also psychiatric nursing. I have a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing and currently work in mental health, that is my passion.

I see that California also has Licenced Psychiatric Technicians so I have been thinking perhaps I could become a Licenced Psych Tech in order to continue working in the area while I complete the things I need to do to become an RN. With this in mind I have a few questions.

Firstly is there anyone here who was trained as an RN in Australia and if so what extra study did they have to do?

If I am not eligible to be an RN because of paedatrics and obstetrics would that also mean I wouldn't be eligible to be an LVN or do they not include that as part of LVN training?

Is there anyone here who was an RN in their home country and applied for and was able to be a Licenced Psych Tech without any extra study?

Are there any Psych Tech to LVN or better yet Psych Tech to RN bridging courses in California (or even other places in the US)?

Thank you everyone.