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I’m an Australian citizen and will be graduating in 2024 in bachelor of nursing. I plan to work in australia for 2yrs before moving to the US permanently. What are visa options available to me? I’ve read about the E3 visa however I’ve heard it doesn’t lead to a green card?  I’ve also read out the H1b visa however it’s only for specialty occupations. So a bachelor wouldn’t qualify. Is that correct?

Because while I’m gaining work experience in australia I plan on completing my masters degree. If I were to complete my masters and get a job in the US that only required a bachelor degree using the E3 or H1b visa is okay?

I want to permanently stay in the US. I’ve read that the E3 visa doesn’t lead to a green card yet I’ve also read that it does. I think with the E3 visa you need to prove to them that you plan on staying in the US temporary which I’m fine to proof but I can also “change” my mind after securing the visa? Is that possible

Sorry I’ve got so many questions!

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You'll need to contact the BON for the state that you plan to relocate to, as education requirements vary between states. That should give you a start. Good luck with your venture!

I'd suggest looking at the information regarding recognising your qualifications in the USA.

You generally need 2 years of experience post graduation.

Also, there are nursing agencies that will help you gain employment and visas to work in the USA.  Not sure which ones...might need to look on other posts for info.

Hope this helps. All the best! x

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