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Hi everyone,

I just joined here and this is my first post! I have recently started an FNP program with The University of Texas at Arlington and will start having clinicals in about a year. I got some advice to start looking early, but I've called and e-mailed places with no response so far! I was wondering if anyone has any leads or experience in looking for preceptors in the Austin area - who did you precept with, any bad experiences, any good experiences, etc.

The only difficult thing about that program so far is that they don't offer help in locating a preceptor and I don't live in the area around the school, so any resources they have for locating preceptors are 3-4 hours away from me!

Thanks for any help!



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I'm in the same boat as you. I'm in the Austin area trying to secure preceptors as well. I haven't done much since I was recently accepted into my FNP program this month. But, it isn't as easy as I thought it'd be. My first clinical starts in the Spring of 2017. The most effective way to secure preceptors is probably going up to the clinics in person and actually meeting the potential provider, if they aren't with a patient of course. However, I have read a couple of stories here on allnurses where calling and emailing was a success as well.

Good luck to you!