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AUS trained Nurse wanting to move to USA

by Karina Hunt RN Karina Hunt RN (New) New Nurse

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Hi Everyone,
I Am an Australian educated and trained Nurse specialising in Critical Care, Emergency Department.
I am wanting to move to the US & work but from my research it seems near impossible for Australian trained Nurses to meet the requirements to take the exam & start the process!?

Are there any AUS nurses on here who have been successful who have trained in AUS, if so do you have any tips or advice!? What course I can take to help make up? Can I do courses in America?

I work in ED so I am trained in Peads & I deal with OBS patients but I did not do that at University As that’s not included in our Degree!

Any advise on where to go from here would be so helpful, I feel so stuck and like there is no possible chance ?

Has any Australian trained Nurse been successful on getting a Visa and have the correct education

It sounds near impossible?

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gigi894, RN, EMT-P

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I am currently going through the process. I have a dual degree with Nursing and Paramedicine and I have all the theoretical requirements, however, I am deficient in my clinical hours for paeds and obstetrics (paramedic hours aren't counted).

Your best bet would be doing a midwifery degree, I am going down that route. I have enquired mutilple times if my experience with paeds and obstetrics in my PACU environment was enough and have been told that it isn't accepted as they aren't attached to a university subject.

My advice would be to start looking at graduate midwifery programs (CQU has an 18month one). Don't start the CGFNS process until you have the hours because you will be continually paying to renew and not have your case go anywhere- I have learnt the hardway.

Hope this helps.