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AUHS/Private Nursing BSN Programs in general

stone562 stone562 (New) New Pre-Student

Hi y'all,

I'm currently finishing up my last few science prereqs and am looking at programs in my area for my ABSN degree.

Originally, I was told by an RN to steer clear of private schools like WCU, not just because of the pricing, but because as an applicant, the hiring manager will "always choose the public education applicant." I recently began working as a CNA at a very reputable hospital in the SoCal area and was incredibly surprised to find that 95% of the RNs I have met are all about my age and actually received their education from WCU or AUHS - both private, and expensive, schools. A friend of mine also works at Kaiser and said the same thing about their new hires. I'm beginning to lean towards a program like AUHS due to the fact that its guaranteed admission and I won't be placed on a waiting list like many schools in my area. At this point, I am willing to sacrifice the extra $$ in loans if it means I can begin my nursing education sooner. I'm getting to the age that I need to start making moves in regards to my career.

Anywho, I was curious as to what y'alls advice was on this? Have you noticed any preferential treatment in regards to hiring (or not hiring) from certain schools?

Oh! A follow up question, I do plan on getting my masters at some point in the future as well.. will these schools effect my chances of getting into a decent MSN program?