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Is there anyone out there that has or will be applying to either the ADN or LPN program at Augusta Tech? If so, please share your stats (GPA and TEAS score). My GPA is 3.4 TEAS 69. I am so unhappy with my TEAS score. My first preference is ADN. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!

Hello! Thank you for starting this group. I'm applying for the ADN and LPN program also. My GPA is 3.6 and my TEAS score is an 87. I applied pretty late but I am hopeful.

Hi! Awesome GPA and TEAS score! I’m attempting the TEAS again on Friday to better my chances. Are you a current student at Augusta Tech or applying from another institution?

I'm applying from another university. If you have an iPhone there a couple of Apps that you can download that will help you study, just search "TEAS." The questions are very similar to what was actually on the test. Good Luck on Friday!

Yes, I have an iPhone. Thank you! I attended a virtual information session for the LPN program yesterday The average stats for the last class was 3.6 and 66 TEAS. There is a virtual information session for the ADN next Friday.

I just took the proctored TEAS. I went from a 69 to 74. Not much but I have no choice but to accept it. LOL

Do you know when we will start receiving decision letters?

Good luck you guys! I applied as well. My GPA is a 3.7 and I scored a 73.3 on the TEAS, however, I'm worried because I didn't attend the virtual LPN/ADN assessment. I was not aware that they were mandatory.

The suspense is killing me. I check my email 876,556,182 a day LOL. I emailed the advising department to see if they could tell me when decisions will be mailed/emailed. No response yet.

They told me decisions would be made by the 15th, its so ridiculous how long this is taking. It's been 6 weeks already 😭

When I saw the notification about this comment my heart jumped thinking it was them 😣

Sooo they just responded and said all emails/mailed letters will be sent out by Fri the 17th. Ugggghhhhh

Im nervous because I haven’t went to any of the sessions that was held and they were mandatory. Did you put that you attended the sessions on your ranking application?

I did on the LPN application. I don’t remember seeing the question on the ADN application.

Oh okay. There is an LPN session today at 3. I'm attending it. I can barely wait for Friday. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Good Luck to everyone!

Did the LPN session give you a date for when things will be mailed out?