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Augusta Nursing Job Market (Critical Care)

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Hello all. I am not a nurse, but my fiance is and Augusta is one of the places that we may be moving to this summer because of my job. Since we may have a partial say in the matter I am trying to find out as much as I can about the nursing job market in the Augusta area to make an informed decision on whether it would be a good place for her to hopefully find what she wants to do as well.

To give you a little bit of background about her, when we move she will have 1 year experience in ICU (I think kind of MICU + SICU combined) at a Dallas/Ft-Worth hospital. She also will have had some advanced training, and I believe preceptor training as well. She has her BSN.

What does the job market in Augusta look like? I know she would definitely prefer to stay in critical care, if at all possible. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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MCGNurse has 1 years experience.

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MCG is on a hiring freeze from what I hear. Other hospitals in the area include University Hospital and Doctors Hospital.

There's also the VA and Trinity.

Good luck to you both!

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jb2u has 5 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in ICU, ER, Hemodialysis.

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New grads are having trouble right now due to the fact that the Augusta area has a lot of nursing schools. That being said, it doesn't appear to me that it is a problem with experienced nurses.

MCG has some great ICUs

Doctors has a great burn ICU

University has a med/surg and neuro ICU, a NICU, and the cardiac towers. In that part of the hospital, the rooms are designed so that when a patient becomes critical or no longer is critical, they stay in the same room. So the nurses work as either a telemetry nurse or a cardiac ICU nurse.

Trinity has one small ICU. It's kind of a catch all. If patients are too critical they will transfer out to other hospitals.

I know nothing about the VA Hospital other than there are two...an "updown" and the "downtown" VA.

We also have Select Specialty Hospital. I wouldn't want to work there, but some do. In addition to an ICU, they also have vented patients on the regular floor. Most people are there for the pay. I hear they are the highest paying in the area.

Wish I could help more. Good luck to you both!!

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