August COT for Air Force


I will be heading to Alabama in August for COT! Anyone else on here going also? Thought it might be nice to "meet" some friends before our big first day!

Congratulation! I just started talking to a healthcare recruiter here in Florida and sent him back all the requested docs and haven't heard back from him. If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you to get in? From first contacting the recruiter to getting in to COT?


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I met with a recruiter in late November 2016. The board I applied for met in February. I found out in March that I was accepted. COT fills up quickly in the summer, so I was unable to go until August. My journey in a nutshell!

Congratulations for getting in all the papers! That is a journey in itself! What type of nursing did you apply for?

Flight nursing. I'm hoping everything goes quick and smooth


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I'm going to COT in August as well. I'm just waiting for my scroll to be signed.


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Hi! Ray here... congrats on starting on your COT. I am in the processing stage. Just wanted to know how your interview went? What do I need to prepare for. I was told by my recruiter that I have a phone interview and a face to face interview with chief nursing officer or something. So what does that entail and how to prepare for it.

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I'm going in August to Maxwell too, got bumped from the May one due to lack of scroll. Does anybody know what the actual hold up is on that thing?

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Finally got orders for COT today


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I see no one answered you. Did you complete the interview and what was the like? What should one prepare for?