Auburn or UAB accelerated BSN?!



I have applied to both of these programs and was wondering if anyone could give me some words of wisdom! I live half way across the country, but have been to AL a few times.



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UAB does not have an accelerated BSN, they do have an accelerated Master's in Clinical Nurse Leader. I would not recommend this program.

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UAB does have accelerated BSN program. I am applying for this fall!


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It's actually the same length as the first degree "upper division nursing", 5 semesters.


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I know nothing of either program, but am from Alabama and have lived in both places. Depending on where you are coming from or what you are comfortable with depends on where you'll like more. Birmingham is the biggest city in Alabama and UAB is right smack in the middle of it. It is a decent sized metropolitan area with plenty of shopping, all kinds of food from good ol' southern BBQ to more highbrow establishments and everything in between, stuff to do with the kids (if you have them), nightlife, theater community, etc. Auburn is a much smaller town, let's face it, centered around Auburn University. It's the college scene with a sizable student body, but it is also a beautiful area with somewhat of a country feel to it. And in the fall when the Auburn Tigers take to Jordan Hare stadium there is nothing quite like that experience. Alumni and fans from all over travel to Auburn and it literally becomes one of the largest cities in Alabama and they don't like to mention that other school across the state. Auburn is also only about 2-3 hours away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the south along Florida's Gulf Coast. Anyway, good luck with your applications!