Attn: Duke University ABSN or UNC BSN program students


Dear Duke and/or UNC-Chapel Hill Nursing Students,

I am trying to decide at which school I would like to pursue a nursing degree. One question I have is the amount of homework difference between Duke's 16 month and UNC's 24 month programs. I've talked to the schools and it seems you spend the same amount of time in class and clinicals so I can only assume that the difference of eight months is made up in study time. How much time do you spend per week on average studying, your first year, second year?

I am also trying to decide between psych nursing and being a nurse anesthetist. It is difficult to tell but it seems that UNC Hospitals might have more opportunities available for new grads because it's such a big place, but then again Duke's entire health system is huge? What is your take on it--on getting the job you want when you get out? Any suggestions?

What are your teachers and administrators like? Do you feel very supported during difficult times?

Those of you that have done rotations...what can you tell me about psych nursing and being a nurse anesthetist? Does the job of an anesthetist seem kind of cold and clinical or no?

ANY info you could give me on the school you go to and the hospitals you may contract with and what you've found out about various fields would be exTREMEly appreciated. I'm having such a hard time finding information. What I have found is that you can't always trust recruiters...



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I would suggest applying to both schools. Most ABSN programs in the country receive many more applications than they have spaces; I always encourage students applying to my own program to apply to several places if they really want to be a nurse.

Best outcome: you get accepted by both programs. Then talk to the students in the programs. Both are excellent institutions, and could could not go wrong with either one.

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