Attn Commuters: What do you always have in your bag?

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I will be commuting 35-40 minutes to college this Fall. On Tuesdays I will be on campus from 9am-9pm.

I began a list of college supplies to keep in my bag; Flash Drive, Pens/Pencils, Post-its, Notebooks/Binder, Textbooks, Highlighter, Tylenol...

I would love suggestions, and experienced advice!

Thank you,


P.S. Note: I am still pre-clinical, so I do not have any Nursing gear to carry at this point.

Sorry, slightly off topic here...has anyone had any trouble with ADHD meds triggering a positive on a drug test?

HI! That sounds like a logical solution! Thanks for the idea! I'll do the same.

My jobs have always been in a Corporate business environment and all required drug testing. At the time of the test they asked me to disclose to the testing facility which medications I am on and to show my RX. I was on Adderall and Wellbutrin with my last test, so I wrote those down and showed them to the administrator at the testing site.

She told me that the test results (assuming there was nothing that showed up outside my medication) would be reported as negative for illegal or controlled substances. She said the testing site would not disclose to my employer what medications I stated I was taking.

(Now, this was in Maryland. I do not know if this is standard procedure for all drug tests, or if it was just the specific arrangement for the corporation I worked with and the testing site.)

A friend who is a physician told me if I do not want to disclose my Adderall RX then I should not take it for a few days before the test.

Oh! Here is a really great thread abotu Adderall and employment,

The initial post is a little scary, but as you read all the replies you'll see it shouldn't be a problem! :)

I commute to school as well, plus some afternoons I work until late in the evening. Here is my list of essentials:


Laptop - with ebooks or the cds to the books to study and take notes on


headphones to listen to lectures during free time

FOOD!!! meals plus snacks b/c you never know how far from food you will be :)

Water or a water bottle/container

Medicine bag - advil, pepcid, anything else you might need

Bag of extra clothes in the trunk - INCLUDE an extra uniform and shoes (in fact, just put an extra of everything you have on that morning in the bag)

Separate bag of nursing supplies

Lotion to counter the excessive hand washing

anything else I might need especially for that day.


Amber N - Elsevier Student Ambassador

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