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Attention lmu nursing students...help!!!


Is LMU's Nursing School difficult to get into? I have a bachelors degree and masters degree in education. I was a nursing major until I changed my major to education, so I have almost all of my pre-reqs. I have to take A&P 2, Developmental Psychology, and Nutrition. I will be taking those in the spring. I am currently a teacher with a 9 month old. So, I will have to work hard to manage work, family, and school in the spring. However, if I get accepted to LMU, I will be quitting my job to pursue nursing. The problem is that my GPA is less than desirable. In undergrad, I was a slacker. I squeaked by with B's and C's. In my masters program I had a 4.0 because school was more important. I know that I can make A's in the three classes this spring as well. Does anyone know if I will be able to get into the program with these grades? My GPA is a 2.76...which is pretty horrible. I just can't teach the rest of my life. I really feel like nursing is where I am suppose to be. Please help!!!

I would like to attend the Cedar Bluff campus.

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I will be attending the Cedar Bluff campus this fall 2011. Does anyone have any insight that they would like to share? Any advice would be appreciated. I really do not know what to expect! I am feeling very overwhelmed at this point, but also very excited! Thanks!