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I graduated June 2015... I sent in an application and paid all the fees but the BRN requested additional paperwork that I was being sent in circles to try and get, kept being told I couldn't get it but the agencies wouldn't provide me with a letter on the letterhead saying so. Fast forward, I finally got all my paperwork February 2018 and sent in a new application. Once again, I was told that it wasn't enough paperwork, so I went hunting again?! I was worried when I got a new letter from the DCA that it would not be sufficient yet again. Much to my amazement and surprise, they have reviewed my criminal history and are referring me back to continue my licensing with no disciplinary action!!!! Does anyone know how long it takes to receive my ATT from here? I was sure I would get a denial and have to file an appeal. Was sure it would take me at least another 6 months from what I have read, so I thought I had plenty of time to study. Now I am worried sick that I won't have enough time to prepare for my NCLEX!?!? Additionally, any study material suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially since I have been out of school for 3 years.

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What state are in in? I got my ATT as soon as I signed up on the Pearson bus website.

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Purchase U world and start studying!! I was out of school for a year and I World helped so much. You can schedule the test a little farther out if you feel you need to study. I put mine out a month and really studied for about three weeks. Good luck

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