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Can somebody tell me which Atlanta hospitals have Neonatal ICU's. Anyone work in a NICU and can give me some advice. Thanks

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Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is the best in the nation! It is actually rated the best. It has a NICU that receives patients from all over. I did not work in the NICU, but on a different floor. It is the place you want to work. They treat their employees very good.


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Hi. I k know you posted this ;ast year, but could you tell me some good NICUs in the Atlanta area? And do anny of them that you know pf have NNPs?

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Grady Memorial Hospital has LPN, RN, and NNP in the NICU. And docs. No "techs," once in a while they'll have an extern. Currently they're running 6 months of NICU training for RN and then an additional one-year FULL time commitment requirement (36 hr +). I did my preceptorship there.


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My...isn't this an old, on-going thread.

CHOA is a great place to work. It's the little things that make you feel like leadership appreciates you. There are issues everywhere, but that's with people in every type of job.

The ratio of seasoned RNs and new grads is OK. The new grads seem to learn pretty quickly.

The unit has a new manager that seems to have really got the unit on it's feet. We've have a couple changes since I've been there, but I'm hoping this time the fit is right.

I've worked at at delivery hospital too, so I can honestly say that there is a different atmosphere. Admissions are 5 minute prep time.

Anyway, CHOA is a great employer!

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