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Atlanta Lpn Nursing Schools Is A Hot Mess


I was wondering if someone in the atlanta area know anything about the lpn program at atlanta tech i know they are accepting application for the healthcare program but thats all i know it seems like when i call to try to get information nobody doesnt know i know they stop the program for awhile and it's trying to start back i dont know if i should wait around and see or move on and pursue my rn its ashame atlanta metro area dont have enough lpn schools dekalb tech lpn school is far out and so are the rest atlanta tech was my only option for lpn if somebody anybody know please reach out ( excuse me for not adding my commas and period etc..)I AM SO :angryfire HEATED...

Hello sorry about the delayed response just saw your post. I am currently an Atlanta Tech nursing student. They have begun accepting applications for the PN program but there have been a lot of changes that have taken place. I completely agree with you on the fact that no one seems to have any information and that no one is on the same page, I'm sorry to say that even when you get in the program it is more of the same. Please be advised that there are tons of last minute changes program revamps a lot of prereq work before you even get in the program and a lot of requirements to remain in the program. Most of these changes are for the better and the pass record for NCLEX is ar 100% currently.If nursing is what you want to do then I saw hang in there and don't get discouraged. Now with all that out of the way this is the order of things for getting into the PN program @ Atlanta Tech unless something new has taken effect.

First you have to apply to the school (hopefully you have done that already)

Apply for any and all financial aid you are gonna need it in this program-- all kinds of fees and extra supplies needed btw some of these fee and supplies you have to come out of pocket for

On the application where it says program make sure you put HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT (HCA)

---HCA is the prereq required to get into the PN program

it is 3 quarters long if you don't have any Learning support classes to take which adds time

MATH 100, PSY 100, SCT 100, ENG 100--- 1st quarter

Anatomy, Intro to Healthcare, Medical Terminology--- 2nd quarter

CNA, Nutrition, Pharmocology 100--- 3rd quarter

I believe these are all the classes I could be forgeting something but you advisor will let you know what all you have to have for the first three quarters. In order to successfully complete HCA you must have a 3.0 average or higher. Certain classes you must have a B or higher in order to pass the class.

After your 3rd quarter if all your prereqs are out of the way and you have the minimum required GPA then you enter 2nd level nursing: Fundamentals and Drug Admin and Calculations-- on the first day of classes you have to take a drug calculation class which you must pass with at least an 80% there are only 20 questions so you can only miss 4. If you don't pass you have to take it the next day and pass with at least a 90 there are only 10 questions this time if you don't pass you have 1 final opportunity to take it and then you have to make a perfect score meaning you have to get all 10 questions right. If you pass on the first day, second or third then you officially are in 2nd level but if you don't you must withdraw and sit out a quarter.

This same type of test is repeated on the first three days of every quarter until you finish each test is progressively harder.

3rd quarter is Medical-Surgial 1 and Med-Surg Practicum even though these are 2 different classes with 2 different grades if you fail one you fail them both meaning you have to repeat

4th quarter is Medical-Surgical II and Med-Surg Practicum II same set up as the previous quarter

5th quarter is Leadership, OB, and Peds all come with their own Practicums

There are several tests taken in 5th quarter which prepare you to take NCLEX

I know I am probably forgetting something and this is probably more info than you wanted but I hope it answers some of your questions.

It is a good program despite all of the changes and issues just be prepared for a lot of self teaching and a lot of studying but it will make you a better nurse in the long run.

Good luck and I hope you at least give ATC a shot.

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Thank you so much i just got your message today i am truly happy i got some helpful information i thought nobody was going to write me back this means a lot to me thank once again Nikell:up:Thanks For Helping Out.

No problem you are very welcome. Feel free to message me if you need more info.


Neese80!, LPN

Specializes in Adult Medicine; OB/GYN. Has 6 years experience.

Thanks for the information! I applied for the lpn program in 2007!!! I was told that I'd be called when a spot opened. It is now 2010 and I had to reapply to the program again and my spot on the waiting list is ?????? lol No one there is on the same page, paperwork is lost etc.. i just hope that when I do get accepted, my grades will speak for themselves and the proff. will be more organized than Admissions!!!:yeah:

Congrat right now in doing cna/pct once im done with that i think im just going to apply to gpc to become a Rn in kind of scared cause i really want to do good and i know it aint easy but i was told atlanta tech list is closed but my cousin attend there .

Neese80!, LPN

Specializes in Adult Medicine; OB/GYN. Has 6 years experience.

futurenursepink is ure cousin already taking the occupational courses at Atlanta Tech? If so how long was he/she on their waiting list?

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