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ATI Version 4 Practice Test-questions

Ok, I know this topic has been beaten into the ground, but I have a few questions....

I took the ATI online practice test and scored overall 80%. But...

here are my individual scores:

Reading 81.8%

Math 96.3%

Science 61.1% SHAMEFUL!!!

English 75.8% PITIFUL!!!

So, I assume since I did so horrible on the science portion I would fail overall, right? Also, on the math, my weakest area-typically, I was surprised at the lack of geometry and advanced alg. They didn't have anything about the quadratic equation and angles etc. Is this normal? Did anyone use any online resources to study that you liked? I am so good at science -typically but did horrible on the test. Ugh.

For those that have taken the practice test and the real deal, how did the two compare? Am I likely to do the same on the real deal?

I hate stressing over a dumb test!!!

:uhoh3: This is what I feel like today! It took me 2 hours to take the practice 100 question test. I just don't feel this test is indicative of my knowledge as I did great in math and horrible in science a direct contradiction to reality.

I felt the same way when I took the practice test. My English was even worse than yours, so don't feel bad! :)

One thing I found about the English was that a lot of the questions revolved around switching back and forth from past tense verbs to present tense. Once I learned to watch that carefully, my practice scores improved a lot.

I also used the McGraw Hill Nursing School prep book. It was okay. There were a lot of mistakes in it so if you have a 1st edition, be sure to contact the publisher for a list of known errors.

Good luck to you!


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