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Hello everyone, our program was out for the month of July,but I as well as two other students have still been attending @ least 3 days/wk trying to study for the ATI A&P exam that we are taking on our 1st official day back,Aug11th. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone has taken it recently & How hard it is?? Is it anything like the practice ATI A&P?? Thanks in advance☺️


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I can't speak for everyone's experience but there weren't as many a&p questions as I assumed there would be. I figured I would be ok since I had recently taken both a&p 1 and 2, boy was I surprised. There was quite a bit of life science and chemistry. I remember several questions about mitosis and meiosis, the periodic table, boyles law. It is a fairly hard test, but of u prepare for it to the best of your ability you will be fine. I would suggest studying the things that u are most worried about and brush up on things u are comfortable with. Relax and remember to sleep well the night before. Best of luck to u, I know ur gonna do great


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Thank you.The national average you had to score to pass is 57 & you have to score 75 for college credit I scored a 69 so I was 6 Pts away? but either way I scored the highest out of our class!

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That's amazing..I'm happy for u. One of the schools I was considering needed a 68...One needed a a 60 and the other one needed a 75, but that is for the hesi